• "What a great day this was for Mrs. Knittel! I helped this wonderful 82-year-old sell her farm. Her life has been hard, but she is grateful for everything and has been such a pleasure to work for. This is why I love my job.
    Thank you "
    Mrs. Knittel!
  • "I am so happy that I finally have had the opportunity to do a real estate deal with Dutchman Realty. I have always heard about how well they run there business and after talking to you I totally realize that they have an incredible office. I always look forward to speaking with you not only because I have the right person to help facilitate the sale or closing but it is so much fun and refreshing to have such a nice and open conversation with such a nice person. I always look forward to talking with you. It makes real estate so much easier. Good luck and hope that we have another deal soon. "
    Drennan Bailey
  • "We have just began the purchase process with Dutchman Realty…The process so far has been one of the easiest real-estate transactions we have been through…highly recommended!"
    Errin Bryant
  • "With the recent economic downturn in the real estate market, we had our doubts that we would be able to sell our rural property at this time. But with the persistence and determination of Dutchman Realty, we were able to make a sale of our Warren County property.
    The resulting sale was approximately 45% to 130% above the sales price of other nearby tracts of land. We were very happy with the Dutchman Realty sales team. "
  • "We've worked with Dee Bax for more than 15 years and multiple real estate transactions.  We trust her knowledge of the area and market and can always rely on her honesty and professionalism.  She's the best person to have on your side when buying or selling real estate!"

    Rick & Vicky Kuhn
    RLK & Associates, Inc.

  • "Thank you Dee for the hard work and dedication you have shown. The creative strategies you brought in listing the properties proved successful. It was a little heartbreaking to let go of property that has been in my family for over 60 years but I am pleased with the outcome. Thank You Again "

    Valarie Mierek

  • "I cannot begin to tell you how amazed I am with the success your team had on our listing.

    We entered into the listing agreement April 29th. We were under contract May 13th and we closed June 10th. You delivered a quality buyer at a great price (the sale price exceeded the listing price recommended by your competitors).

    The property could have been difficult to move at our target price given how much we had in it.

    Thank you to you and your team for a great job!"

    Vincent J. Miller
    Senior V.P. & G.M.
    DDI Media