Dutchman Realty | Real Estate Success


As a full-service brokerage firm, Dutchman Realty is ready to satisfy your needs when it comes to purchasing, leasing and selling properties. We enthusiastically and methodically assist our clients with all of their real estate and brokerage needs from large investment trust management to the small business owner looking to grow. In addition to our dedication and individualized service, we also utilize the latest technology along with strategic relationships and partnerships that we’ve developed over the years.


Dutchman Realty offers dedicated buyer’s representation to anyone seeking existing properties or vacant land to accommodate their investment needs. As a buyer’s agent, we consistently keep up to date data within the best interests of our clients and provide BUYER’swith the most accurate and recent market data to assist in their real estate transactions.

Our extensive market research and our educated team of professionals can help you find the right deal, as well as achieve success through our relationships with public officials, investors and industry professionals.


With 100 years combined industry experience, Dutchman Realty has accurate and well established methods for listing both commercial, land and residential properties, and finding just the right person for every transaction. At Dutchman Realty, our research and property promotion tactics are superior and far above our competition, at Dutchman we consistently include the latest technology and resources throughout our marketing campaign.


Whether you are looking to buy, sell, lease or invest, the Dutchman team does extensive research on the market and opportunities, as well as evaluate your needs, to determine your most strategic options.

This professional research includes:

  • Traffic studies
  • Demographics
  • Topographic studies to determine useable ground
  • Accessibility
  • Comparable property pricing in the area
  • Current and future roadway changes
  • Utilities
  • Zoning
  • Economic conditions
  • State of the current marketplace


Once all the research is completed, we develop a comprehensive promotional plan specifically designed to attract prospects. Our efforts consist of many strategies to include; marketing brochures, targeted mailings, print advertisements, internet marketing including the CIE- Commercial Information Exchange, CCIM, Loopnet, CoStar, state of the art web page and much more.

We also work with a network of industry professionals as well as public officials to reach people who can help you find the right prospect and vision for your property.